Welcome everyone to our first official blog straight out of Don Juan of Metairie! In these articles, we are going to try to touch on recent happenings in the cigar world and all around the world! Feel free to share on your social media for any interested readers and be sure to sign up for our newsletter!


   It has been a whirlwind kind of week. We have seen the first round of implementations from the FDA on the cigar industry and many folks are feeling it. What's going on right now is retail stores are no longer able to hand you a cigar for free. In the past, we may decide to just hand you a cigar because we are interested in your opinion or we want to expand your horizons! We can't do that any more. Now, there must be a transaction in place to get any kind of complimentary cigars. Will this effect our regular events? So far, no, as we have a fee tied to our tastings so that would cover the cigar you regularly get at the door. There is also, strict checking of identification so please don't be offended should your local tobacconist ask for ID even if you look the part. it's just the rules we all need to follow now.

    On the manufacturer's side of things, like you may have noticed, a torrent of new cigars released this past month due to FDA deadlines...but why? Well, any cigars marketed before August 8th 2016 have a Two(2) year grace period to submit applications for testing by the FDA. That cigar can be sold in that time frame with no approval from the FDA. Now, should the FDA deem that the cigar doesn't meet the criteria that they have established, they can order the Manufacturer to stop selling that particular cigar. No one really knows what the FDA is looking for so currently it's a crap shoot. I don't believe we will be seeing the true impact on the cigar world until that two year period is up. A lot less new releases, cost of cigars rising, and commandeered shipments from factories could all be happening. We will touch more on this as we acquire new information and keep you up to date.

   If you haven't been keeping up to date with this weekend's weather, northern Louisiana has been impacted heavily. Many areas are flooded, people have lost homes, people are injured and relief can't come sooner. Please take a moment to make some calls and find out where you can drop off supplies for those in need. Clothes, water, food...anything helps. We have everyone in our thoughts and prayers.

   On a lighter note, in our latest newsletter, we wrote about our biggest and grandest event we do all year, the Toast Across America. the Toast Across America is the event we do to raise money for the Cigar Family Charity Foundation orchestrated by non other than the Fuente family. The charity itself raises money in order to provide education to those in the Dominican Republic as well as construct facilities like hospitals and schools. They are doing an amazing job sending kids to colleges all around the world and spreading good will! Our event is a great night of fabulous food, premium bar and a plethora of cigars for you to smoke including a rare coffin of two cigars that is only available for these events! This year I believe will be a Diamond Crown Black Diamond and an Opus X in the amazing "Shark" size. For more information on this event or even the charity, come on by! Sign-ups are limited so please, if you wish to attend, put your name in. The cost is $150.00 per person. You'll get a unforgettable dinner and a boat load of cigars as well as a chance to purchase some rare stogies and our annual auction!

   We also have our next tasting event coming up on the Camacho Powerband! September 21st we will be hanging out with Kathey, our Camacho representative and you'll get a chance to get some awesome deals on the entire Camacho line! Mark the Date September 21st 4pm-8pm! $15 entry fee!

   Deals? All August we are running a killer deal on a lot of our stock! Save 10% off 5 or more select cigars, 15% off boxes of 25 or more. 20% off boxes of Gurkha including our 10 count Limited Edition Heritage Figurados. As well as 15% off Our Turrim and Volta lighters from Xikar!

May you all have a wonderful week!

As Always....Smoke on!