It's that time of year again when the bourbon world descends upon our fair city of New Orleans in an effort to educate willing consumers on the history,
tradition and taste of the American alcohol, bourbon! Join the 3rd annual New Orleans Bourbon Festival next week at the Contemporary Arts Center for
a few amazing evenings!

"Why does this cigar cost so much?"

This is a question I get asked by a lot of new smokers and if you are one of them looking to get into the cigar hobby, this may be insightful for you.

Cigar: CLE Prieto Toro
Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Since the SYAP (Shut Your Ash Up) team has been busy, I decided to burn some time with an unadulterated, no-holds barred review of the #17 cigar of the year, the C.L.E Prieto Toro. While the robusto is technically the vitola that got the rating from Cigar Aficionado, I wanted a longer smoke…so sue me.
Now, to preface this, I am eating pizza and drinking coke. The traditional lazy man’s delivery dinner when all other options are exhausted. I say this only because when I looked down at my cigar…the paper wrapping is stained with pizza grease. Just sayin’….now on with the show!!!

   As many of you know, Don Juan Metairie made our way to the IPCPR retail cigar convention. There was plenty going on and plenty we can report on but the wider view of the show to you guys, I find, is a better glare into the inner workings on these sorts of events.

   So what is the IPCPR? Essentially the IPCPR is a retail convention closed off too consumers. You need to have a tobacco related business as well as a yearly membership paid to participate. The money provided by the IPCPR's members go to paying for the trade show as well as political action taken on ours and your behalf. It isn't just a convention we pay for, though. It is a group of retailers who utilize these events so that we can learn more about our industry. Cigar related and otherwise. We can pick up all sorts of valuable knowledge from manufacturers, other retailers sharing experiences and general business knowledge.

   SO WHAT ABOUT THE CIGARS?! Is what I feel like you're screaming in your heads right now. Well, the IPCPR definitely has a huge amount of cigar manufacturers that showcase their products! That's the core of the show after all. When we are there, as purchasers we have the opportunity to get a cigar that hasn't released to the public from multiple manufacturers. We can either sit and enjoy it and just talk to our friends from all over the world or we can critique it and form an opinion right then and there. Sure, many of the manufacturers will give us a handful of cigars to try. At the end of the day though, you can't taste anything thirty different cigars smoked. Trust's not as fun as it sounds. However that's how some tend to do business. Smoke everything and then make their decisions. There are always some that choose to just order and move on. Everyone does things differently and that usually leads to multiple retailers waiting for a meeting or just skip an appointment all together. It's a crap shoot some times but most folks keep a good schedule.

   STILL WAITING ON CIGAR NEWS! Yes I know! I'll break down this years ones to keep an eye out for as well as things that may pique your interest coming to our shop!

WHIFF OUT: We finally made contact! This is a small affordable powder and spray that can kill tobacco smoke. The Spray is for your clothes. It's usefull as hell. Keep some in your car or in a briefcase. The powder is one of the more interesting items from them as you use it to pour into your ashtray then ash over it. Don't want that stale acrid smell emanating from your ashtray? This will do the trick!

Dunbarton T&T- Sin Comprimiso: This is one of the clear winners from this years show. From the mind of Steve Sake, he brought "no compromise when making this cigar...except for not making it $100 a stick like the previously released Unicorn. I had already smoked a ton of cigars but even through all of it, I could taste some flavor notes as it broke through the barrier of 9 cigars. It was smooth, robust in flavor, medium strength and extremely well constructed. It is featured in beautiful 10 count boxes and will be available around mid August (Or atleast we hope)

CLE...NUBS?- CLE Cigars from maker Christian Eiroa is bringing his core lines (Habano, Connectcut, Corojo) into a short, fat...almost cute 4x60 version. For all of you NUB smokers, these are ones that might catch your eye!

ALADINO- We have had the Aladino Maduro for about a month now and it is an amazing cigar. Medium strength, full flavored Maduro reminiscent of "old school" Camacho maduros. The full release of this cigar is slated for next week but what's really awesome news is the Corojo Reserva! If you remember Camcho pre-Davidoff, you will know this cigar as the "Diploma"! Julio Eiroa made some magic happen!

SOUTHERN DRAW- There is a lot going on for SD Cigars! The first limited release, Cedrus, will be featured in 10 count up-right boxes that latch from the side. It's a very cool box with VERY good cigars inside. Medium-full body, rich cedar and coco notes followed by some hints of green chili pepper. It's unique and extremely tasty! BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE! Coming September 1st, 300 Hands! A charity project that gives each purchase of a 10-count bundle a look into the lives of a Nicaraguan Native that gave owners, Robert and SHaron Holt, their story. Portions of the proceeds go directly to hand picked charities benefitting those living in Nicaragua 

Tatuaje is a company created out of passion. Passion for art and fine cigars! The creator, Pete Johnson, channels his love of tattoos
and cigars in his company and it shows in all of his creations. Mr Tatoo, as they call him for good reason, came on the scene with his
vision and passion and has yet to let up. In all of his products from the boxes to the bands to the stogie itself, there is a part of him
and that's why he is one of the best boutique companies out there! Today's review is on a little bombshell (while it has been out for a while),
the Petite Cazadore!