Tatuaje is a company created out of passion. Passion for art and fine cigars! The creator, Pete Johnson, channels his love of tattoos
and cigars in his company and it shows in all of his creations. Mr Tatoo, as they call him for good reason, came on the scene with his
vision and passion and has yet to let up. In all of his products from the boxes to the bands to the stogie itself, there is a part of him
and that's why he is one of the best boutique companies out there! Today's review is on a little bombshell (while it has been out for a while),
the Petite Cazadore!




Country of Origin: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro
Size: Corona

The pre-light smell on this cigar is very woodsy. It reminds me of an aged oak barrel with a slight hint of white pepper. Over all, I knew this was going to be a flavor bomb with some nic kick to it!

Upon lighting, this cigar definitely gives you a good punch of strength filling your nostrils with stong oak and maple notes. The tastes are similar and very straightforward. It's a very well constructed smoke as well. There are no noticeable stems in the wrapper and the cigar itself holds together extremely well. The draw flows very well not being too tight or too loose and that doesn't seem to change going into the first inch.

The first inch of the cigar, the maple notes heighten and brings with it some black pepper to spice things up. While maintaining the same strength, the cigar changes ever so slightly and not drastically at all. The beginning of this stogie is very consistant.

Hitting the half way mark on this bad boy, we get another kick of strength and the pepper and maple notes seem to tone down. The cigar starts breathing some more of those delicious woodsy notes and begins to mellow out going into the last third of the smoke with what seems to be a very smooth and tasty finish.

The end of this cigar begins to round out to be VERY smooth! It's something I didn't expect but it feels very welcoming. The cigar changes one last time with a tiny bit of cinnamon and a great aromatic cedar aroma. Everything about this cigar rolls very smoothly onto the palate and ends up being packed full of flavor! We definitely recommend this smoke if you want a short, flavorfull cigar with a medium to full body!