Black Label Trading Company has been a staple cigar in the boutique
cigar industry in the past year.
They have a way of producing cigars 
that combines many ideals.
They aren't neccesarily a "small batch"
manufacturer however they do not create a massive amount of stogies
all at once. What this does is let them focus on the quality of their smokes
without getting neck deep in production! they also like to try many
different flavor profiles and strengths that appeal to a large amount of
smokers who don't wish for the same old cigar.

   Todays review is on one of our personal favorites, the Last Rites!

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Maduro
Binder: Honduran
Filler: Nicaraguan and Honduran
Flavor: Full
Strangth: Full


 The Last Rites, at first look, is a beautiful and well constructed cigar. The wrapper doesn't look to stemy, it's got a nice light oily sheen and the off-black band compliments the cigar's dark exterior. The artwok on the band itself is very pleasant to look at and definitely makes a great first impression. The Pre-light puff on this stogie is almost soothing with a hint of pepper, cedar, leather and coco. At first glance, this is sure to be a wonderfully strong and complex smoke!

The first third was fairly strong. Right out of the gate, it was strong notes of pepper and cedar with a light underlying tone of coco. It burned exceptionally smooth and even. The ash on it was cloudy and really compliments the look as you're smoking.

Once I got near the half-way mark, the cigar had a nice transition to more leather notes and mellowing out. The strength of the cigar left and what remained was a well flavored and smooth (kind of sweet) medium bodied smoke.

The last third of this clever girl was another punch of pepper with all of the delicious oils from the wrapper building up for a thick and flavorful culmination of all the splendid flavors presented throughout the cigar. Overall, this smoke was very complex, flavorful and well worth a good 50 minutes.

I give this smoke a solid 4 out of 5!