Over the years, we have urged everyone to sign-up for the CRA(Cigar Rights of America). They continually fight for our rights to enjoy cigars! If you haven't joined them, now is the time to. The FDA has acknowledged that they are going to attempt to regulate the premium cigar industry. This is the worst case scenario, unfortunately. With the FDA rules in effect, for example, we would no longer be able to give away free cigars. Blends of cigars will be subject to an application where the FDA may allow or disallow the manufacturing of particular cigars. That means we could be seeing the same old same old from every cigar maker and not be able to enjoy the creativity expressed through tobacco just because the FDA doesn't deem it fit for consumption weather it be too strong or even using tobacco grown in certain locations. This will most definitely stifle the experimental cigar lines out there like certain small batch companies often do. This is the time to act and we whole heartedly encourage you to visit www.cigarrights.org and sign-up.

Even if you do not sign-up(although please do and support them), they have an "Action Alert" button that will aid you in getting a message out to your state reps and congressional representatives. This is not a drill and this industry faces a very hard battle....help out on the front lines and lets save cigars as we know it! A full article on what the FDA plans to do can be found at www.halfwheel.com


Thank you and as always, Smoke on!

It's been a while since the Leaf by Oscar and La Flor Dominicana has been in stock and we apologize for that. However we are happy to report we have a nice shipment here and ready to smoke! Also, we would like to thank everyone for showing up to our annual AJ Fernandez Tasting event this past Wednesday. It was an awesome time and the smokes were absolutely fantastic! You got to try that new Enclave if you haven't already! Many Thanks to Brandon Holzworth for representing AJ in fine fashion and we hope he gets over his allergies! If you are looking to attend another one of our fantastic events, we have EP Carrillo Cigar company here on April 13th from 4pm-8pm! Catering provided by Moe's Southwest Grill! Support them as they are pretty awesome! Have a safe and fun Easter Weekend!

Everyone knows that we always provide coffee free of charge all day long but for far too long have we craved
 a nice fresh cup of French Roast or a nice bold Sumatra! Today that changes! We are still providing our free regular coffee
but for those that want a different taste, we now have a selection of fresh brew coffee available for only $0.75!



   March 23rd, for the first time, we will be hosting AJ Fernandez Cigar Company for a tasting night with our representative, Brandon Holzworth! For more info, check out our "Upcoming Events" page and click! Want to grab some great Smokes from My Father cigars before they are gone? $25 gets you 5 assorted La Reloba cigars ranging from a Mexico, Habano and a Sumatra wrapper! While supplies last! Xikar will be on sale all month long! Save on some awesome cigar accessories! We always have more in store, just keep your eyes peeled! See you soon!


  Black Label Trading Company has been a staple cigar in the boutique
cigar industry in the past year.
They have a way of producing cigars 
that combines many ideals.
They aren't neccesarily a "small batch"
manufacturer however they do not create a massive amount of stogies
all at once. What this does is let them focus on the quality of their smokes
without getting neck deep in production! they also like to try many
different flavor profiles and strengths that appeal to a large amount of
smokers who don't wish for the same old cigar.

   Todays review is on one of our personal favorites, the Last Rites!

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Maduro
Binder: Honduran
Filler: Nicaraguan and Honduran
Flavor: Full
Strangth: Full